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We apply operational automation to every division of a company to help them scale.

What we do

We apply systems and automation to your company to remove the monotony, allow your core team to focus on growth, and save money in order to reinvest into customer experience and create a flywheel of growth.


Watch a short, 1-min testimonial from Michael Morelli, CEO of Detox Organics and Hiitmax.

Michael has grown his companies to over $25M in 5 years, but now he’s looking to reach the next level.

Svperhuman helped Michael scale the Content Creation, Lead Generation, Sales, Customer Support, and Research side of his businesses.


Lead Gen

Set the parameters of your ideal clients. Whether it’s B2B or B2C we have strategies to get you thousands of quality leads within a few days.

Content Creation

Imagine recording one video and having a team of editors cut, add branding, and distribute to all of your platforms within the hour.

Admin Support

Let  us optimize your entire company. We’ll increase efficacy while surging quality of output for both your team and your customers.

Repeatable Tasks

ANY task that can be done on a computer can be accomplished by our team in 1/2 the time and for at least 1/2 the cost.


Need to scale up your content creation? Receive dozens of SEO-optimized and thoroughly researched documents ready for your editing within a day.


Whether it’s high ticket or impulse products, we have done it all. Decrease costs while delighting customers and increasing revenue.

our metrics

Percent Productivity

Times output

Times Costs Savings

Why we are different

We provide a fully autonomous experience. We analyze each division of your business and apply at-scale systems to increase efficiency and give your team the joy back in their work.

How We Work



You give us a task that can be done on a computer (usually longer-tail, repeatable tasks produce the most effective results).



We optimize that task. Create parameters, and train our team on it. Then we assign a number of people depending on the desired timeline.


All in real time, you and your account manager track progress, iterate, and indulge on the level of productivity coming in.

Our Skills

  • Admin Support – 98%
  • Lead Generation – 95%
  • AI and Automation – 88%
  • CONTENT – 77%
  • Sales – 78%

About The Founder

At the age of 21, Christopher currently runs 4 businesses that vary from one of the largest dog training schools in the country to 2 AI Startups and now Edit Addict. Since competing internationally in handgun competitions at the age of 14, he has been obsessed with speed and efficiency. He went on to graduate Arizona State University 6 months early while running those 4 businesses and maintaining his position of one of the top shooters in the world.

He is now writing a book on how to Master Efficiency and Productivity and applies the same principles in his everyday life. The one startup he runs has created a full hardware/software AI, Ed-tech toy for under $30k. In another, a full AI-Dog Trainer for under $20k, and he is currently optimizing the sales, marketing, and admin processes at the family business to save over $200k a year in administrative costs while still growing the business 20% year over year.

He has deep experience in scale, optimization, development, photography, videography, and currently has collective of 40 people working for him across all of his companies.

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